Orpheus Sheet Music PRO Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Orpheus - Sheet Music Reader for Android - App Promo Video

Introducing Orpheus - sheet music reader for Android. Launching on Google Play in December 2013. Find out more at www.orpheus-app.com ...

Orpheus App: Managing Set Lists

Learn how to create and manage Set Lists in Orpheus, sheet music reader app for Android.

Orpheus App: Annotations

AirTurn TV #19 - Maeve Lander and Orpheus Sheet Music Reader for Android

Interview with Australian app developer Maeve Lander and her new app Orpheus Sheet Music Reader for Android.

Import PDF Music – Fakebook Pro Sheet Music Reader

It is easy to load new music from PDF files to the Fakebook Pro sheet music reader. This video shows how to import music from Dropbox (and other cloud ...

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2: a full sized sheet music reader

While tablets have revolutionized the way musicians read sheet music, the number one complaint has been that the screen sizes are just too small. Well, now ...

How To || Use Mobile Sheets

The saga continues! Here are some insights on how to use Mobile Sheets, a program for digital music I have been using! I hope this helps with some questions ...

Sheet Music Scanner demo

Using Sheet Music Scanner app to listen to historic music from the Library of Congress.

NotateMe Music Notation App Review for iOS and Android

Check out this review of NotateMe a music notation app for iOS and Android that lets you draw music notes like you would on paper and the app automatically ...

Ensemble Composer Tutorial

Ensemble Composer for Android: a short tutorial.

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